Some family time

We are now 3 weeks into semester 1 at Ridley college and we are starting to see deadlines looming as we get stuck into the books. So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to have a weekend off and go to Canberra! The main excuse being the public holiday in both Canberra and Melbourne, even though it really made no difference to us, as we don’t have classes on Fridays or Mondays anyway!

So on Friday morning Chris and I drove up to Canberra and we were able to spend the weekend with our family in Canberra.

Some of the highlights of the weekend included spending time with our niece, catching up with both sets of parents, going out to the Enlighten Canberra exhibition, attending church with Chris’ parents, and a family breakfast on Monday morning.



I was particularly excited to receive this gift of a new sewing bag from my mum, who put together a replacement after my other beautiful bag was stolen from my car in the move. Thanks mum, and Sue who also contributed to it! I even started some more embroidery on the way home!

Praise God with us for:
-A good start to the academic year
-The chance to spend some time with our families, now that we live within easier driving distance (7 hours drive is better than 14!)

Please pray with us for:
-Ongoing diligence with our studies
-Relationship building in this new city
-That we would be persistent and loving in our relationships with friends in Adelaide even with the distance between us.

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