We made it through the first week

It seems like forever since I’ve posted a blog, and I suppose in the blogging world a week can be forever. However, here I am now!

The last week has gone by with much tiredness and information-overload. After coming home from launch camp somewhat tired after late nights, early mornings and a not so comfortable foam mattress I chose to punish myself by doing a 5pm-11pm emergency shift. I don’t think it helped that I spent the whole of Monday from 9am till 5pm nervously reading through my ED textbooks, like I was about to sit an exam, such that by the time I actually started work I was already somewhat tired. The shift went well (and I hear you all say “of course it did”) and the other locum and I managed to somehow clear out the emergency department by close time at 11pm. Tuesday then was a much needed rest day and preparation for classes. Needless to say I think I ended up spending most of the day in a bit of a daze until I had to get off my backside to make dinner!

Wednesday was the big day though with the start of classes (for me anyway). Chris had already had Theology and of course his Hebrew exam on Tuesday (which he seems to think he did ok in). My first class was Evangelism. It was exciting to have fierce theological discussion about the differences between humanity and evil and what we think the essential parts to the gospel message are. It was an exciting start to the year, and I think it is going to be very practical also which is probably a good idea for a theological college 🙂

In the evening I had mission perspectives. It was a great introductory class which stimulated much thought, and I managed to highlight most of the recommended reading list for further investigation. For example did you know, that while the apostle Paul was going about his missionary work and travelling west from Jerusalem, the apostle Thomas (you know doubting-Thomas) went to India sharing the gospel. God really knew how to get the word out to “all nations!”

Thursday morning was Old Testament. This class was a bit harder for me as the applications are not quite so obvious. However I enjoyed the way our lecturer involves the class in his teaching and we managed to have some great discussion. Who knew that Genesis 1:1 has so many different theories around it, and how they can each shape our theology. Pretty cool. For Old Testament we have to read the whole Old Testament over the year. I guess it seems kind of obvious, but I don’t think I’ve ever read through the whole old testament before so I’m nervously excited about the chance to do it…. and what better place than bible college!!

Friday was basically a study day for both of us, although the scorching heat was almost Adelaide-worthy. The main difference being that we don’t have air-con here so it was a little hard to concentrate at times. Although the heat continued into Saturday and Sunday, we had a great weekend.

We had a rest day on Saturday and went out to breakfast together (the first episode of Chris and Gill’s breakfast adventures… a series I am thinking about starting on this blog, not sure yet though) and then enjoyed an afternoon of scrubbing at the St Matts working bee. Once again I would like to publicly thank the team of people who came to help me clean our house in Adelaide. After cleaning walls in offices for an afternoon I have an even greater appreciation of your hard work in helping me clean our house!

We cleaned up and then were able to spend the evening with good friends who did live in Adelaide but now live in Melbourne. It was the perfect meal (cold rolls) with lovely friends.

Sunday was another study day, again a little unproductive because of the heat, which now turned humid as the rain slowly rolled in. The great thing about having 39 degree days in Melbourne of course is that you know they won’t last for a week. No, in fact today (Monday) was mid-twenties and raining all day. Such a nice change!

The great news for today was that I got offered a job, starting tomorrow. Thankfully I have been able to get this weeks reading done by today so I could happily accept the job tomorrow without any concerns about my study. I’m praying that this new avenue for work will lead to a bit more consistency in work, but we shall see. It’s a great answer to prayer that I have this work tomorrow though, so thank God with me for that!

By the way, I know I haven’t really told you much about Chris this week. Sorry about that. He’s wonderful in case you didn’t know it. I promise to update you about him soon.

Praise God this week with us for
-A good start to the semester, and lots to think about
-Work for this week
-Good friends to share life with

Please pray with us for
-Time management as we get properly stuck into study
-Opportunities to make new friends in Melbourne
-Ongoing work

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