The new house

I thought you might appreciate some pics of our new place. Sarah and I particularly have been bustling around this week trying to get it all sorted out. We had a house working bee in the garage this morning so now we can fit at least one more car in there. Now that we’ve got all the boxes out of the way the house has really started to feel like home. Hope you enjoy seeing it a bit.













And just so you can see what Chris has been up to constantly over the past 2 weeks…

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  • Merilyn Clark

    You look like you are settling in well. Nice pic of Chris studying hard. If I might be cheeky enough: This is a 1500 year old prayer by St Bede the Venerable from Britain. It is the prayer I have on my study wall and have studied under most of my my theological studies.
    “I pray You good Jesus
    that as you have given me the grace
    to drink in with Joy the Word that gives knowledge of You,
    so in Your goodness You will grant me to come at length to Yourself,
    the source of all wisdom,
    to stand before Your face forever.
    Love Mel

    • Gillian

      I just might print that to go above my desk! I will make sure Chris knows about your offer with Hebrew, he is loving it though!