Saying good­bye is one of the hard­est things to do. When I moved to Adelaide it was real­ly hard to say good­bye, espe­cial­ly as I was going to a com­plete­ly unknown city where I knew only one fam­i­ly. This week I have had a mix­ture of emo­tions as I have been sad to leave and be sep­a­rat­ed from loved ones, but glad to be head­ing towards my hus­band who had already moved and set up house. It’s been dif­fi­cult to know what emo­tions to feel and whether to laugh or cry.

On Monday I got to say good­bye to good friends over din­ner. It was yum­my and fun. But sad too.

On Tuesday I got to spend the whole day with my tem­po­rary house mate. It was one of those, sit down and watch Pride and Prejudice even though you’ve seen it a mil­lion times after­noons and I was glad to spend the after­noon there. Even though it was prob­a­bly the hard­est good­bye I had to make.

On Wednesday morn­ing, my mum arrived from Canberra. She gra­cious­ly came over so we could dri­ve to Melbourne togeth­er. I was not keen to dri­ve the 8 hour trip alone, and it was great to spend some time together.

So, we packed the car (notice that it is packed in such a way as to deter theives and be able to see out the back win­dow! For those of you involved in pack­ing my car when I left home, I’d like to point out my mum and I’s pack­ing skil­lz hehe)


On Wednesday we got to Mount Gambier where we saw the Blue Lake (it was very blue!!). We had a nice din­ner in town and then went to bed and were asleep by 9pm!!

On Thursday we went via Warnambool for morn­ing tea by the sea. It was a beau­ti­ful sun­ny day which hope­ful­ly accounts for the squint­ing in the picture!

We then drove on to Geelong where we tried to vis­it our 104 year old friend. Sadly she was asleep and not to be wok­en, but I did get to scope out the hos­pi­tal and we had anoth­er drink by the sea.

Finally we drove through to Melbourne where we were wel­comed home by Sarah and a lit­tle bit lat­er by Chris and Stephen who had been out at uni for their lan­guage intensives.

Mum has spent the last cou­ple of nights here in Melbourne help­ing me get organ­ised, it has been love­ly to have her here for a lit­tle while. Last night we had our first din­ner guest when Amanda came for din­ner. We were all a bit exhaust­ed, but it was good to show her our new home.

Meanwhile Chris has been busy study­ing and study­ing and study­ing. In fact, I have bare­ly seen him with his nose out of the books! I’m real­ly proud of his ded­i­ca­tion and excite­ment to learn Hebrew.

In the next week I will be doing my first locum shift, con­tin­u­ing to sort out the house, espe­cial­ly our study and bed­room, and hope­ful­ly get­ting my mind around study­ing for the year and what that might look like.

Please praise God for a safe trip to Melbourne with my mum, a good time to spend with my mum and for Chris’ enjoy­ment of his study.

Please be pray­ing for us over the next few weeks. Chris’ inten­sive is intense! Please pray for him as he stud­ies, and for me as I try to sup­port him in that even when I just want to spend time with him. Also pray for us in our class selec­tions which will hap­pen this week, and for me as I do my first locum shift.

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