Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do. When I moved to Adelaide it was really hard to say goodbye, especially as I was going to a completely unknown city where I knew only one family. This week I have had a mixture of emotions as I have been sad to leave and be separated from loved ones, but glad to be heading towards my husband who had already moved and set up house. It’s been difficult to know what emotions to feel and whether to laugh or cry.

On Monday I got to say goodbye to good friends over dinner. It was yummy and fun. But sad too.

On Tuesday I got to spend the whole day with my temporary house mate. It was one of those, sit down and watch Pride and Prejudice even though you’ve seen it a million times afternoons and I was glad to spend the afternoon there. Even though it was probably the hardest goodbye I had to make.

On Wednesday morning, my mum arrived from Canberra. She graciously came over so we could drive to Melbourne together. I was not keen to drive the 8 hour trip alone, and it was great to spend some time together.

So, we packed the car (notice that it is packed in such a way as to deter theives and be able to see out the back window! For those of you involved in packing my car when I left home, I’d like to point out my mum and I’s packing skillz hehe)


On Wednesday we got to Mount Gambier where we saw the Blue Lake (it was very blue!!). We had a nice dinner in town and then went to bed and were asleep by 9pm!!

On Thursday we went via Warnambool for morning tea by the sea. It was a beautiful sunny day which hopefully accounts for the squinting in the picture!

We then drove on to Geelong where we tried to visit our 104 year old friend. Sadly she was asleep and not to be woken, but I did get to scope out the hospital and we had another drink by the sea.

Finally we drove through to Melbourne where we were welcomed home by Sarah and a little bit later by Chris and Stephen who had been out at uni for their language intensives.

Mum has spent the last couple of nights here in Melbourne helping me get organised, it has been lovely to have her here for a little while. Last night we had our first dinner guest when Amanda came for dinner. We were all a bit exhausted, but it was good to show her our new home.

Meanwhile Chris has been busy studying and studying and studying. In fact, I have barely seen him with his nose out of the books! I’m really proud of his dedication and excitement to learn Hebrew.

In the next week I will be doing my first locum shift, continuing to sort out the house, especially our study and bedroom, and hopefully getting my mind around studying for the year and what that might look like.

Please praise God for a safe trip to Melbourne with my mum, a good time to spend with my mum and for Chris’ enjoyment of his study.

Please be praying for us over the next few weeks. Chris’ intensive is intense! Please pray for him as he studies, and for me as I try to support him in that even when I just want to spend time with him. Also pray for us in our class selections which will happen this week, and for me as I do my first locum shift.

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  • Merilyn Clark

    I am so glad you and your Mum had that time together Gillian. We have often found that travelling like this is such a good way to spend really quality talk time with people. Good on you with the Hebrew. If Chris ever needs any help with his Hebrew I hope you/he feel free to give me a call. Also if you need resources or to talk through anything would be glad to make time for you.

    • Gillian

      Thanks Mel, it was a great trip