Hebrew and Launch Camp

The last few weeks have surprisingly flown by. Chris has been stuck in the books during his Hebrew intensive and I have been slowly but surely working my way through setting up house, reading and a little bit of relaxing. Some of the highlights of my time have been catching up with my cousin Anita and seeing my grandparents (twice in 2 weeks… wow!).

On Friday Chris had his last Hebrew class for the intensive, what a great achievement! He still has a small quiz to do (only worth 50% of his grade) on Tuesday, and then he is looking forward to being able to have a bit more variety in his studies. We celebrated the end of intensive by heading up to Upper Plenty (north of Melbourne) for the Ridley Launch Camp.

It was a great weekend of meeting others and learning a bit more about the vision, history and goals of Ridley College. We are very excited that they aim not just to teach us the bible and theology but also form us for ministry by helping us to integrate our learning with our own selves and practice. Meeting so many others who are training for ministry was a wonderful experience also, it was a bit like CV conference on steroids, and exciting to know that we will be able to continue these relationships for the next few years.

We enjoyed going to St Matthews in Prahran for church on Sunday night. Although we don’t yet know people very well, it was good to be able to chat with new friends and feel comfortable in our new church community. We finished off the weekend by having dinner with close friends from Adelaide who are visiting Melbourne this week. I find meeting new people exciting but exhausting (especially with 70+ people to meet) so it was great to spend time with long term friends for the evening to rejuvenate.

This week we will start semester 1 classes. I will be studying Old Testament, Evangelism and Ministry foundations and Mission Perspectives this semester. Chris will be continuing with Hebrew, doing Theology (Doctrine of God and Work of Christ) as well as two greek exegesis subjects – John and Paul and Corinthian Christianity.

Please praise God with us for:
-A positive start to the academic year
-The opportunity to form new friendships at launch camp
-The privilege of being able to set aside time to learn and grow in God’s word

Please pray with us for:
-Chris’ Hebrew exam on Tuesday.
-That we would be intentional about integrating what we learn with our lives and our ministry.
-Work for me, it has been surprisingly hard to get appropriate work. Please pray that God would open doors as I look for more work, and that we would trust him in his provision for us financially in the meantime.

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