Unpacking the container

As most of you would be well aware, we have been moving to Melbourne over the last few weeks in order to study at Ridley college. One of the biggest stages in this move has been the packing and subsequent unpacking of the container at the other end.

What took us 4 days to pack, in a giant game of Tetris, into the container was unpacked in a mere 2h30m with our merry band of unloaders. Furthermore, through the powers of modern technology I have compacted that two and a half hours down into a nice couple of minute video for your viewing pleasure.

However, there is still so much more to do, for the last week since the container was unpacked we have been slowly setting up house with the Urmstons who we are house sharing with (their blog is here: http://urmstons.blogspot.com/).

For now though Gill and I are down at Victor Harbor for CMS South Australia Summer Encounter 2012, and being heartily encouraged by the speakers: Bishop Mouneer of Egypt and the Middle East, Lindsay Brown from Lausanne and formerly IFES, and the incoming CMS Federal Secretary Peter Rogers.

It has been a great day and a bit of break from the unpacking, and we pray that it will rejuvenate us for what is yet to come, before college starts.


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