January 2012

Well, the con­tain­er is packed and the house is clean every­thing seems to be going wrong but God is good. There must only be one expla­na­tion: we are going to bible col­lege! (and satan knows about it)

The last 3 weeks have been a flur­ry of activ­i­ty and Chris and I have bare­ly had time to catch our breath. With pack­ing, Chris fin­ish­ing up at his work, Christmas, New Years, fit­ting 3 house­holds worth of gear into one 20 ft con­tain­er, work­ing out how to trans­port all our bits which did­n’t fit in the
con­tain­er, hav­ing farewells, work­ing full time though all of this, and then clean­ing the house up for the new ten­ants. It has been like a roller coast­er of emo­tions and life. I have been going through cycles of con­vic­tion that it will nev­er be fin­ished, to see­ing some organ­i­sa­tion in the chaos, back to despair that we have so much stuff, and then relief that we don’t have as much as I thought. What a roller coast­er. It has been hard to see God at work in all the busy­ness, and espe­cial­ly as we grieve with friends over our immi­nent sep­a­ra­tion. But in this lit­tle moment I can reflect on some of the won­der­ful works God has done in our lives over the last few weeks.

-We were able to have a won­der­ful Christmas and New Years with dear friends from Adelaide, although we missed our fam­i­ly it meant so much to spend spe­cial time with friends who are fam­i­ly to us in Adelaide. It was a bless­ing that the con­tain­er did­n’t arrive before Christmas like we had orig­i­nal­ly planned so
that we were able to have that day com­plete­ly off, and I was real­ly grate­ful that a col­league was will­ing to swap so that I did­n’t have to work on Christmas morn­ing and could cel­e­brate at church.

-We orga­nized the con­tain­er to take the gear from us and our new house­mates Stephen and Sarah, we hoped that we could take some of the stuff for oth­er friends Joel and Hannah who are also mov­ing to Melbourne but it was always a bit unsure as to whether it would all fit. With a lot of hard work from chris and some cre­ative pack­ing from mul­ti­ple friends (espe­cial­ly Joel and Anton) amaz­ing­ly it all fit in. In fact the only thing of the oth­er cou­ples that had to be left behind was a hand pow­ered lawn mow­er, and in a God planned moment, the small strip of grass out the back of our new house has now been con­vert­ed to peb­bles! We still have quite a few bits which did­n’t fit in the con­tain­er but Chris man­aged to get most of it in the ute (more tetris pack­ing) and the rest fits snug­gly in my car

-Most of the extra fur­ni­ture that we planned to leave behind has been put to good use and some friends came and took the extra things which we had­nt been able to sell ear­li­er off our hands, we had just the things they want­ed, thanks God!

- A won­der­ful team of peo­ple from church came over and worked so hard for 4 hours last night to get the house from a place strewn with rub­bish and bits to throw away into an emp­ty sparkling shell. I nev­er would have been able to do it on my own, and would­n’t have even thought to clean some of the things they cleaned. The boys also mowed the lawn, did the edg­ing and cleaned out the garage and fixed a leak­ing drain. I thank God for all of them with their gen­eros­i­ty (and hope they don’t think too bad­ly of me con­sid­er­ing how dirty my house was!)

-Chris was meant to dri­ve out of Adelaide at about mid­day on Monday after the con­tain­er and his car had been picked up fro trans­port to Melbourne. In one of satan’s tricks the tow truck for the car broke down and they could­n’t come and pick it up until late after­noon. Praise God that my boss­es were gen­er­ous enough to let me go home from work ear­ly to wait for the truck even though we were short staffed, and that there was anoth­er truck avail­able to pick up the car. Chris end­ed up leav­ing Adelaide at 5pm and despite not being able to see out the back wind­screen, lots of ani­mals on the side of the road, and only a few hours of poor sleep the night before, he got into Melbourne safe­ly at 230am and was a able to stay the night at the new house.

-I stayed with friends overnight, as I’m still in Adelaide for a few more weeks. I arrived late at night and did­n’t unpack the car except for the essen­tials. When I went out this morn­ing to get the cof­fee I found that the back win­dow was bro­ken. But God is so good. The only thing so far that seems to have been tak­en was a very old lap­top des­tined for the give away pile but put in the car at the last minute because we did­n’t know what else to do with it. Before I went to sleep I went back to the car twice to get my new lap­top and then my phone which I had left behind. Nothing else out of my very full car was tak­en (edit: I have since dis­cov­ered that anoth­er bag was tak­en, it con­tained some more valu­able items, in par­tic­u­lar a sewing bag with its con­tents that are irre­place­able, how­ev­er giv­en how bad the loss could have been I am still grate­ful that it was only 1 bag stolen that mat­tered) and there were plen­ty of more val­ued items in there (now safe­ly stowed away). Once again my boss­es have been under­stand­ing despite being very short staffed at work, so I can get the car sort­ed out and have the time to write this!

-God has pro­vid­ed will­ing friends who will let me stay with them over the next 3
weeks. It’s also a great oppor­tu­ni­ty for me to say good­bye well to these well loved friends.

-In antic­i­pa­tion, a num­ber of our Melbourne friends and fam­i­ly have will­ing­ly offered to help Chris, Stephen and Sarah unpack the con­tain­er on Wednesday. Please pray that it would go smooth­ly and no one would get frus­trat­ed with the process. I am so con­vinced right now that God is at work.

Even though things have been going against us He has been sov­er­eign. If only this clar­i­ty came all the time, and if only he was this clear with every­thing. Over the next 3 weeks chris will be unpack­ing, com­ing back to SA for CMS sum­mer encounter con­fer­ence, and start­ing a Hebrew inten­sive. I will be fin­ish­ing up at work for the next 3 weeks, includ­ing a week of night duty and then dri­ving over to Melbourne at the begin­ning of February. Please pray that God would con­tin­ue to be sort­ing things out even when it does­n’t seem like it.

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