January 2012

Well, the container is packed and the house is clean everything seems to be going wrong but God is good. There must only be one explanation: we are going to bible college! (and satan knows about it)

The last 3 weeks have been a flurry of activity and Chris and I have barely had time to catch our breath. With packing, Chris finishing up at his work, Christmas, New Years, fitting 3 households worth of gear into one 20 ft container, working out how to transport all our bits which didn’t fit in the
container, having farewells, working full time though all of this, and then cleaning the house up for the new tenants. It has been like a roller coaster of emotions and life. I have been going through cycles of conviction that it will never be finished, to seeing some organisation in the chaos, back to despair that we have so much stuff, and then relief that we don’t have as much as I thought. What a roller coaster. It has been hard to see God at work in all the busyness, and especially as we grieve with friends over our imminent separation. But in this little moment I can reflect on some of the wonderful works God has done in our lives over the last few weeks.

-We were able to have a wonderful Christmas and New Years with dear friends from Adelaide, although we missed our family it meant so much to spend special time with friends who are family to us in Adelaide. It was a blessing that the container didn’t arrive before Christmas like we had originally planned so
that we were able to have that day completely off, and I was really grateful that a colleague was willing to swap so that I didn’t have to work on Christmas morning and could celebrate at church.

-We organized the container to take the gear from us and our new housemates Stephen and Sarah, we hoped that we could take some of the stuff for other friends Joel and Hannah who are also moving to Melbourne but it was always a bit unsure as to whether it would all fit. With a lot of hard work from chris and some creative packing from multiple friends (especially Joel and Anton) amazingly it all fit in. In fact the only thing of the other couples that had to be left behind was a hand powered lawn mower, and in a God planned moment, the small strip of grass out the back of our new house has now been converted to pebbles! We still have quite a few bits which didn’t fit in the container but Chris managed to get most of it in the ute (more tetris packing) and the rest fits snuggly in my car

-Most of the extra furniture that we planned to leave behind has been put to good use and some friends came and took the extra things which we hadnt been able to sell earlier off our hands, we had just the things they wanted, thanks God!

– A wonderful team of people from church came over and worked so hard for 4 hours last night to get the house from a place strewn with rubbish and bits to throw away into an empty sparkling shell. I never would have been able to do it on my own, and wouldn’t have even thought to clean some of the things they cleaned. The boys also mowed the lawn, did the edging and cleaned out the garage and fixed a leaking drain. I thank God for all of them with their generosity (and hope they don’t think too badly of me considering how dirty my house was!)

-Chris was meant to drive out of Adelaide at about midday on Monday after the container and his car had been picked up fro transport to Melbourne. In one of satan’s tricks the tow truck for the car broke down and they couldn’t come and pick it up until late afternoon. Praise God that my bosses were generous enough to let me go home from work early to wait for the truck even though we were short staffed, and that there was another truck available to pick up the car. Chris ended up leaving Adelaide at 5pm and despite not being able to see out the back windscreen, lots of animals on the side of the road, and only a few hours of poor sleep the night before, he got into Melbourne safely at 230am and was a able to stay the night at the new house.

-I stayed with friends overnight, as I’m still in Adelaide for a few more weeks. I arrived late at night and didn’t unpack the car except for the essentials. When I went out this morning to get the coffee I found that the back window was broken. But God is so good. The only thing so far that seems to have been taken was a very old laptop destined for the give away pile but put in the car at the last minute because we didn’t know what else to do with it. Before I went to sleep I went back to the car twice to get my new laptop and then my phone which I had left behind. Nothing else out of my very full car was taken (edit: I have since discovered that another bag was taken, it contained some more valuable items, in particular a sewing bag with its contents that are irreplaceable, however given how bad the loss could have been I am still grateful that it was only 1 bag stolen that mattered) and there were plenty of more valued items in there (now safely stowed away). Once again my bosses have been understanding despite being very short staffed at work, so I can get the car sorted out and have the time to write this!

-God has provided willing friends who will let me stay with them over the next 3
weeks. It’s also a great opportunity for me to say goodbye well to these well loved friends.

-In anticipation, a number of our Melbourne friends and family have willingly offered to help Chris, Stephen and Sarah unpack the container on Wednesday. Please pray that it would go smoothly and no one would get frustrated with the process. I am so convinced right now that God is at work.

Even though things have been going against us He has been sovereign. If only this clarity came all the time, and if only he was this clear with everything. Over the next 3 weeks chris will be unpacking, coming back to SA for CMS summer encounter conference, and starting a Hebrew intensive. I will be finishing up at work for the next 3 weeks, including a week of night duty and then driving over to Melbourne at the beginning of February. Please pray that God would continue to be sorting things out even when it doesn’t seem like it.

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