A week apart

Well, it’s now been a week since Chris and I finished packing up and left our home in Adelaide and parted our ways temporarily in the first step of our move to Melbourne for bible college.

This week has been busy for both of us, and hard in different ways.

Chris has had the job of beginning to unpack everything in the new house in Melbourne. We were very pleased that everything arrived safely on Wednesday and grateful for the team of friends and family who joined chris and our housemates in unpacking the container on Wednesday night. So far there have been minimal casualties and we are very grateful! Some of the joys in the week for Chris have been catching up with old friends, seeing family and having a really encouraging time at church on Sunday night (hopefully more about this when we are both in Melbs!). Please continue to pray for him though as the unpacking can seem relentless and as he battles with utility companies and various paperwork that comes with moving. It’s hard to do it all alone. Also pray for him as he begins preparing for his Hebrew intensive which commences at the end of january.

I have also had a busy week, but arguably less exciting. I have been still working most days and my time has been full with various catch ups and goodbyes during the evenings. It is becoming more and more difficult to focus on my work as my heart moves towards Melbourne. Along with being tired and unsettled as I stay with friends. The joys of this week for me have been being able to spend time with good friends, going to the intern end of year dinner to celebrate the accomplishment of some dear friends and colleagues. Please pray that I would be helpful in my conversations with chris as I want to be around but can’t be, also that I get some good rest before my move and have the opportunity to say goodbye well to friends in Adelaide.

This weekend we are both going to have a holiday in Victor Harbour. We will be heading down to the CMS Summer Encounter conference. We are both looking forward to some good bible teaching and also time together to regroup before a year of study. Please pray that we wont get distracted with lists of jobs but will be able to find rest in God this weekend.

Thanks for reading and praying!

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  • Merilyn Clark

    What a great idea Gillian. It will be good to follow your progress whilst you keep this blog going. James is living in Melb and if you ever have time to get in touch that would be nice. He knows some great walking areas.

    • Gillian

      It would be nice to see James, and also you when you come down. Thanks for the details it looks like James is not far from us